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Wild Orphans is a young reader’s tale about three orphaned Australian kids living on a private wild life Sanctuary run by two benevolent older women.
The Sanctuary belongs to the widowed Eugenie Myrtle. When her son and daughter-in-law are reported missing in Africa, she becomes the reluctant carer of her unfamiliar grandkids, Gabby and Raphael. With the help of their aunt Hannah, the odd ball family get to know each other among the chaos of caring for furred and feathery injured animals. 
Their daily routine includes feeding, nursing and releasing the menagerie of wallabies, possums, wombats and fruit bats, in between attending a new school. It's chaotic and relentless but also a healing time for the orphaned kids.
To make matters worse, the local authorities are determined to shut them down and declare the property a health hazard.
While Raphael thrives on his wild new life, Gabby longs to return to the creature comforts of her old life in the city. She is sustained by an unexpected and unlikely friendship with Indigo, a foster kid on the run, surviving by her wits alone in the bush. Keeping her a secret becomes complicated when a raging bush fire threatens both the Sanctuary and Indigo. Under pressure, Gabby is faced with a choice to expose Indigo’s whereabouts or risk losing her forever

Wild Orphans: