Whore- a novel

Book Launch

I have just published my novel Poison Ivy. It's a bit of a femmo crime thriller.

The book launch in conversation with Richard Stubbs on June 18, 2017 at the Willy Lit Fest ​was a lot of fun

Check it out here.

"Writing  is both lonely and lively- a space to be alone and everywhere all at once -"

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Current Titles

I have just uploaded my young readers' novel Wild Orphans. For the 9-12 year olds who like native animals and a bit of an escapade, click here to read more 

I am also pleased to say I am in the final stages of a personal piece called Episiotomy. It's about six significant female friendships in my life, all of which went a bit pear shaped.  

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Both books are currently available at the following retail outlets:

The Sun Bookshop Yarraville, Vic

The Younger Sun   Yarraville, Vic

Hares & Hyenas     Fitzroy, Vic

The Bookshop Mullumbimby, NSW

Gleebooks              Glebe, NSW

The Hobart Bookshop, Tas

*The Royal Melbourne Zoo  (Wild Orphans Only)

Author's Statement

I started writing professionally straight out of college. I've written for newspapers, magazines and several commissioned screenplays. Independently I've written stage plays and screenplays, three adult novels and one title for young readers. Each work I have created has either been shortlisted, received development funding (screenplays) or been considered for publication. It doesn't get any easier to publish in the traditional sense but the ideas don't stop, so neither do I. Technology is making it possible now to connect with readers without a third party so if you like my work, please get in touch.


So what's been going on?

Since the publication of Poison Ivy and

Wild Orphans I've been busy with Public Speaking invitations, Book Events and a bit of Media...here's a few links...