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So what's been going on?

Since taking up the helm of Program Director of the Williamstown Literary Festival in 2019 I must admit finding time to write hasn't been front and centre.

I am half way through my second crime novel in the Poison Ivy series and I am strip trying to work out what to do with my unpublished vicarious memoir The Shadow Celebrity but I am happy to say I spent a bit of time working with Dave Stokes at Author to Audio and I have created the audio book version of Wild Orphans. After witnessing the horrific events in Australia over the summer season of 2019/20 I am aghast my middle readers novel covered almost exactly the dram that unfolded just recently. I have been doing a bit f fundraising and getting evolved in some the work to re establish numbers into wild, so if you want a listen, please purchase for as little as $3 AU at these sites. 

All  artwork on this site is the author's original work.  More pieces can be found on Bluethumb or by clicking the button.

Wild Orphans is currently available at the following retail outlet: The Royal Melbourne Zoo Parkville

Both books can be purchased on this site 

Whore- a novel

Books & Panels 

I spend a lot of time presenting my public speakers address s: Making Your Own Luck along with my regular stand up gigs and many panels for other literary events. If you wish to book me, great! Love to hear from you.


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"Writing  is both lonely and lively- a space to be alone and everywhere all at once -"

Author's Statement

I started writing professionally straight out of college. I've written for newspapers, magazines and several commissioned screenplays. Independently I've written stage plays and screenplays, three adult novels and one title for young readers. Each work I have created has either been shortlisted, received development funding (screenplays) or been considered for publication. It doesn't get any easier to publish in the traditional sense but the ideas don't stop, so neither do I. Technology is making it possible now to connect with readers without a third party so if you like my work, please get in touch.